Randi: Producer for Shaka Muv and Mishelle


Despite the fact that Randi is mainly known as the lead singer of Morandi, he is also the composer and co-producer of the project together with Marius Moga and created hits that brought them fame both in Romania and in Europe.

Because he aims to be not only a product of the local music, but also to confirm himself as a local music producer, Randi became the producer of Shaka Muv and Mishelle. The two musical projects were released in 2011 and are already successful.

Shaka Muv


is a project full of creativity, fantasy and color. Shaka and Randi shook hands so as to create a new musical product, with a surprising strength, versatility and energy – this is how the first two singles of Shaka Muv, Illegal and Save, Save were born.



Mishelle is the second project of which musical producer is Randi. The beautiful Bassarabian entered the top charts in Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Moldavia with her debut single, Only You, and the second single, It feels so good seems to enjoy the same success.

Both musical projects are also about to release their first albums.