Randi: a new beginning

After six years since he created with Marius Moga the project Morandi, after the local and international success that they had, after concerts in over 20 countries, after many international awards, Randi has decided to seek new challenges and has started his solo career. For each artist is meant to grow and develop his talent, Randi has entered a new phase of his career, that he hopes will complete him as a musician.

Thus, Randi has released his first single – Anybody, which is already climbing the charts. The single was released in Russia and Ukraine, countries where Randi and Marius Moga were constantly in the top of the charts with their hits.

Randi’s solo career does not exclude his participation in the project Morandi – he and Marius Moga are still part of the band. And the two promise to relese soon their fourth album, Zebra.