As the true passions glimpse from the beginnings, since he was little Randi knew that music is his true passion. He began to study music since middle school. From the moment one knows and understands his passion and realize’s he actually lives through it, there lies only an one-way road ahead. So Randi continued to study music and also to discover himself as an artist.

In 2005, Randi’s career exploded, as the project Morandi was released. Together with Marius Moga, he has created hits that brought them fame both in Romania and in Europe.  The Project had an immediate success:

  • Eight number 1 singles (local and/or international airplay charts)
  • Reverse, their debut album, was sold in over  2 million copies
  • 2 nominations at the MTV Europe Music Awards for best debut (in 2005 and 2006)
  • Angels is the most downloaded digital product of all times in Russia and Ukraine (more than 2 million downloads).

Up to know, Morandi have released three albums: Reverse in 2005, Mind Fields in 2006 and N3XT in 2007. And the fourth album, Zebra, is to be released.
Morandi was among the first Romanian projects that have been successful abroad, so that the work of the two members was highly appreciated. The music of Morandi was listened in over 20 countries, they have performed in most of Eastern Europe and received numerous awards:


  • Best Song @ MTV Romania Music Awards 2006
  • Best Video @ Mtv Romania Music Awards 2006
  • Best Romanian Act @ MTV Europe Music Awards 2008
  • Best International Act @ Eska Music Awards 2008
  • Best International Hit Polonia @ Eska Music Awards 2009
  • Best Internatinal Song @ Musiq1 Music Awards 2009
  • Triple Platinum Disc in Russia for the Next album

After conquering glory, Randi’s passion, music, led him to new ways. Since the end of 2011, Randi has begun his solo career. Although he remained a member of Morandi group, Randi has dedicated his energy to his solo project, so at the end of last year he released his first single, Anybody. The single was released, also in Russia and Ukraine, where it already enjoys success.
With the release of his solo career, Randi became also a musical producer for two young and talented artists: Mishelle and Shaka Muv.
Randi believes that music is an everlasting well of positivity and it can save our souls, since music and love go hand in hand until they merge.


So … stay tuned!